Germany-based Armenian opera singer Mkrtich Babajanyan: “The Homeland is what you feel inside”

No matter where the best sons of

Spanish-Armenian participant of “Ari Tun” Program: “My grandmother is the “guardian angel” of the Armenian language in our family”

One of the interesting parts of the

Hrak Bosoian: “I am happy that I saw my Homeland and felt the warmth of the native land”

The camping days of the “Ari Tun”

Nairi Krafian: A bright girl from Boston who has donated her hair to Armenian children having undergone chemotherapy

My interview for Hayern Aysor is with a

One of major companies of Abu Dhabi plans to make large-scale investments in Armenia – Ambassador

One of the major companies of Abu

Syrian-Armenian businessmen: “One should never avoid work”

With its #3wordsofadvicefromasyrianarmenian feature, Hayern Aysor presents

Kevork Abahouni: “Aleppo will always be like a beating heart…”

Hayern Aysor’s correspondent sat down for an

Let’s hope someday Armenian becomes the only language of communication of the participants of the “Ari Tun” Program

Not all of the participants of the

Annie Sarafian-Yepremian: “I love Armenian poetry”

The Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic

Anahit Parzyan: “We will continue to present Armenia and the Armenian Community of China in China”

In an interview with Hayern Aysor, Editor-in-Chief

Fr. Archimandrite Bedros Manvelian: “The Ministry of Diaspora has become very close to our hearts and a familiar corner in the Homeland thanks to the Minister!”

The doors of the Ministry of Diaspora

Marina Danoyan: “We have created a small and warm Armenia in Finland where it is cold”

Hayern Aysor’s correspondent sat down for an

Yekaterina Tazayan: “I get teary-eyed whenever I hear people talk about Mount Ararat”

During the official opening ceremony of the

Owner of Tawouk Restaurant: “There is no place better than Armenia”

With the #3advicefromasyrianarmenian feature, Hayern Aysor presents
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