Hrach Vartanian: “Today is a historic day for me, the happiest day of my life because I will become a full-fledged citizen of Armenia”

The doors of the RA Ministry of

Tehmine Aleksanyan: “We are Armenian from head to toe…Our roots are very deep!”

The RA Ministry of Diaspora has opened

Syrian-Armenian repatriate: “My children found their luck in Armenia”

Hayern Aysor presents the interview with Syrian-Armenian

“My mission is to tour the world and present Armenia, Armenians and Armenian music”-cellist Narek Hakhnazaryan

Most of the sons of the Armenian

Hovsep Balmanoukian: “What I loved the most about Armenia was the people”

Hayern Aysor presents the interview with young

Armenian Architects Around the World: Brothers Vicken and Raffi Tarkhanian

The Armenian Genocide Orphans Aram Bezikian Museum,

Gagik Gasparyan: “We waved the national flag of Artsakh in Patagonia”

The Buenos Aires Chapter of the Armenian

The “Hot Plate of Food” and the big world of a photographer

Throughout the centuries, the Armenians, who have

Gagik Abrahamyan: “It was LOVE that took me to France”

During a visit to the Ministry of

Remi Makenejian: “We are all strong together, but doomed when we are alone!”

During his visit to the Ministry of

Antoin Baghdikian: “I was surprised to receive the Medal of Gratitude”

During their visit to the Ministry of

Anahit Zohrabyan: “Our compatriots in Kazakhstan live for Armenia every day”

Armenians living in different corners of the

Margarit Derants: “Armenian is the language of my heart and soul!”

There are talented Armenians in all parts

Hovhannes Taslakian: “You have to make certain sacrifices to be involved in community service, politics and national activities”

Hayern Aysor presents the interview with Lebanese-Armenian
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