Deacon Hovhannes Gumruyan: “The school has unique activities that convey a national and spiritual message”

Ahead of the new school year, Hayern

Shakeh Mangasarian: “I would like for all Armenians to stay true to the calling of a human being and be kind to each other in any case”

Through various programs of the RA Ministry

Participant of the 2016 “Diaspora” Summer School Program: “Unity must be our driving force”

The foundations for Armenian-Finnish relations were laid

Violeta Nalchajian-Tashjian: “The Armenian students of Cyprus impatiently wait for the “Ari Tun” Program”

Preservation of the Armenian language is the

Sergo Stepanyan: “My family is my small Armenia where my wife and I are providing our four sons with an Armenian upbringing…”

During the first Pan-Armenian Forum of Young

Juliet Galstyan: “With our songs, we let the world know who the Armenians are”

“We Armenian singers are the ambassadors of

Varduhi Khachatryan: “One day, I will return to the place from where I embarked on my long journey”

“I have been living abroad for 16

Raffi Yedalian: “Lucky are those who have a Homeland, and I am one of those lucky people”

Throughout the centuries, the Armenian people have

Soldier of the Armenian Army: “The homeland can be a parent and the last point on the border”

Recently, within the scope of the “Ari

Switzerland is ready to act as a mediator between Armenian and Azerbaijani delegations

Switzerland is ready to act as a

Participant of “Armenia. Create Together” youth forum: “We have established an Armenian Student Association at the University of Oxford”

Hayern Aysor’s correspondent sat down for an

Participant of the 2016 “Diaspora” Summer School Program: “When the soul “speaks” Armenian, the body must also “speak” Armenian”

All the participants of the “Diaspora” Summer

2016 “Diaspora” Summer School Program: Meeting Venue-Mother Homeland

Every morning, she opens the window of

2016 “Diaspora” Summer School Program: “Armenians must not only be proud to be Armenian, but must also love to be Armenian”

It has already been a week since
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