Those serving Armenian media must confide in the nation’s vigilance

Those serving Armenian media must confide in

The amazing Yervand Manaryan

RA Distinguished Artist, actor, director, screenwriter Yervand

May 9: Victory Day, Wedding in the Mountains and liberated Shushi

For 19 years already the Armenian people


“Hayernaysor”’s correspondent sat down to have an

FOX-TV Interviews Author On Armenian Genocide

FOX-TV (Los Angeles) invited this writer for

Antonia Arslan’s incessant voice from “The Lark Farm”

My aunt used to tell me, ��?When

Arevik Petrosyan: “With the help of my art I would like to voice the idea of Armenians uniting round their homeland”

In view of the 100th anniversary of

RA Diaspora Ministry is cradle for Diaspora Armenians; togetherness in every endeavor is valued

Hamlet Sharoyan, President of “Krunk Armenian Community”

If one wants to listen to Turkish-Persian modulations, others are not condemned to do the same

Correspondent of the “Hayern Aysor” interviewed singer-songwriter

Anahit Sargsyan: “Language saves the nation, if the nation itself preserves its language.”

The correspondent to “Hayern Aysor” interviewed poetess

Claudia Cardinale: I like to change and I like to make films with crazy directors

She is a woman who lived over

Didier Parakian: “There is only happiness in our hearts; our dream has come true”

The correspondent of “Hayern Aysor” had an

Atom Mkhitaryan: “11 Armenian churches in India have a watchman but no visitors”

Atom Mkhitaryan, Head of the Pan-Armenian Programs
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