Attention: Ministry of Diaspora announcing launch of “Step Towards Home” program

From August 10 to 24, the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia will be holding the “Step Towards Home” educational-cognitive program, which is designed for 13-21-year-old Diaspora Armenian teens and youth.

The educational part of the program features accelerated Armenian language courses (Eastern Armenian and Western Armenian), while the cognitive part includes visits to historic and cultural sites across Armenia, as well as several leading educational, creative and technological centers. There will also be meetings with state officials and cultural figures, as well as a four-day camping event for the participants.

The applications for the “Step Towards Home” program were accepted under an established procedure until June 30, 2018.

The organizers received nearly 550 applications from Armenian communities in 26 countries around the world.

This program is an unprecedented event through which the Ministry of Diaspora will gather over 500 participants who will be participating in the same program. Consequently, to best organize and hold the “Step Towards Home” program, the Ministry of Diaspora started collaborating with Teach For Armenia and Birthright Armenia a month ago and developed the educational part of the program. The courses will be held in association with the Armenian-Russian University, which will provide the necessary amount of classrooms and ensure the conditions for the courses. The lessons will be conducted by the teachers and specialists of Teach For Armenia and Birthright Armenia.

In addition, taking into consideration the fact that there will be an extremely large number of participants, the Ministry of Diaspora has also started leading negotiations with other organizations. Based on the results, Converse Bank and gg taxi company have expressed willingness to join the sponsors and provide great support to the Ministry.

The Ministry of Diaspora is open to new proposals and would be glad to expand its team.

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