Acting Diaspora Minister elaborates on Office of Chief Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs

The Office of the Chief Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs will work in four directions, including repatriation and integration, preservation of the Armenian identity and support to communities, formation of the pan-Armenian agenda and engagement of the potential of Diaspora Armenians in the development of Armenia. This is what Acting Minister of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia Babken DerGrigorian told Armenian

“As far as the functions are concerned, the important things are the maintenance and strengthening of ties with Armenian communities, the development of a clear-cut strategy and the coordination of the programs of the 12 ministries of Armenia. So, we’re telling the Armenian Diaspora that now there will be 12 ministries that will deal with the Diaspora’s issues, not one ministry,” he stated.

According to DerGrigorian, the Office of the Chief Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs will have 20-25 employees and will help raise the level of relations between Armenia and the Diaspora to a new level. There will also be more business trips.

When asked if the Ministry of Diaspora has tried to understand what Diaspora Armenians have to say about the Office, Babken DerGrigorian stated the following: “The Diaspora is multilayered, and the opinions vary. I must say that there were negative opinions when the status of the ministry was being specified. Now when we talk about this new format with Diaspora Armenians and explain what we picture, they have different views.”

Talking about repatriation, the acting minister of Diaspora placed emphasis on quality, not quantity. He also stated that even though he hasn’t received an offer to assume the office of the chief commissioner, he is ready to serve the Republic of Armenia the way the government sees fit.

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