Mr. and Mrs. Agop and Ludovica Aintablian awarded with the Gold Medals of the RA Ministry of Diaspora

On September 28, the RA Ministry of Diaspora hosted notable Armenian American cardiologist, President of the Armenian-American Cultural Association, Doctor of Medical Sciences, well-known benefactor and President of the “Mesropyan Ukht” Union Agop Aintablian and his wife, architect Ludovica Aintablian.

Greeting and introducing the guests, Minister Hranush Hakobyan particularly stated the following: “Our dear compatriot, who was born in Syria and received his education in Italy, has been serving in the field of healthcare in the United States of America for over 50 years, giving life to thousands of patients, including Armenian patients with his high level of professionalism. Being a notable cardiologist, he has also dedicated himself to solving issues of national concern and aspires to help the Armenians in both Armenia and abroad by all possible means. Dr. Aintablian came to Armenia during the difficult days of the Karabakh movement, after the devastating earthquake of 1988 and has carried out several charity actions. The problems with the purity of the Armenian language and preservation of Western Armenian have been in his focus, and he is currently working with the Institute of Language of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia to solve those problems.”

Hranush Hakobyan also introduced Mrs. Aintablian, emphasizing her contributions to architecture and benevolence and expressing gratitude to her for the fact that she has always supported her husband in his charity acts and national initiatives.

In closing, Minister Hranush Hakobyan awarded Mr. and Mrs. Aintablian with the Gold Medals of the RA Ministry of Diaspora for their great contributions to the preservation of the Armenian identity.

Expressing gratitude to Hranush Hakobyan for the appreciation, Dr. Aintablian said: “We live with the thought that we will return to Armenia someday and with the thought that we are doing whatever we can for Armenia. One of my missions in life is the Armenian language. We need to remove foreignisms from our language. The purer our language is, the purer our image will be. We have a very rich vocabulary, but if we don’t use the pure words in Armenian, they will become “rusty” in dictionaries. I will do whatever I can for the sake of the purity of the Armenian language.”

Summing up the meeting, Minister Hranush Hakobyan expressed confidence that the Aintablians would establish their permanent presence in Armenia and in the hearts of Armenians with their significant acts.

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