36y/o Armenian woman dies in Aleppo shelling

An Armenian woman was killed during the explosion of a self-made missile that armed terrorists fired towards the Suleymanieh district of Aleppo.

As reported Aleppo’s Kantsasar Weekly’s Facebook page, the victim is Betty Nersesian (born in 1980).

Oriental newspaper, citing its own source, reports that bombardments also continued in the Armenian-populated New Village district.

The shelling left 34-year-old Catherine Khachoian, 62-year-old Garabed Khachoian and 33-year-old Nora Sarkis wounded.

Intensive shelling has been going on in the Armenian-populated districts of Aleppo for several days now.

On June 2, four Armenians were killed in New Village, including Vasken Jabaghjourian (born in 1942), Khatchig Aboulaboutian (born in 1949), Hovsep Janetsian (born in 1967) and Levon Kelkhacherian (born in 1954).

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