Tigran Mansurian: “The mother language is that which is sacred in our homes”

World-famous Armenian composer, Merited Art Figure of

Hasmik Khalapyan: “The Armenian Virtual University also serves as a smithy for preservation of the Armenian identity”

On February 21, on the occasion of

Samvel Muradyan: “The mother language requires daily care and state care”

Ahead of Mother Language Day, in defense

Juliet Martirosyan: “Language is not a gown you can wear to a party one day and then carelessly make it dirty for the rest of the year”

Mother Language Day is not the only

Karen Mnatskanyan: “There are nearly 4,000 Diaspora Armenian students studying at universities in Armenia”

In an interview with Hayern Aysor, Head

Levon Yepiskoposyan: “The genetic atlas of Historic Armenia will eternalize the centuries-old heritage of the Armenians”

Hayern Aysor’s correspondent sat down for an

Zabel Yesayan-140 Zabel Yesayan: One of the 100 Armenians who changed the world

February 4th marks the birthday of Zabel

Ahead of Mother Language Day Hovhannes Zakaryan: “The Armenian language is a great cultural asset; it is an amazingly flexible and powerful language”

There is a lot of talk about

Iraqi-Armenian repatriate Sosi Avakian-Bedrossian: “May many Armenians feel the joy of living in the homeland and enjoy it!”

Throughout the past decade, many Diaspora Armenians

Arshalouys Amsih: “Even though I am from Lebanon, it seems as though I was born in Nerkin Karmiraghbyur”

One of the best ways of promoting

Alex Avanesyan: “Our collaboration with the Ministry of Diaspora is close and effective”

In an interview with Hayern Aysor, Vice-President

“Art-Game” book forming aesthetic taste of children

In our days when innovative technologies are

Thomas Mazejian: “I became hopeful about the future after repatriating”

Lebanese-Armenian repatriate Thomas Mazejian’s second visit to

Nazareth Binatli: “I wish Armenians never lose the God-given talent of creating and use it very cleverly”

We can see the unique style of
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