Harut Shirinyan: “It is the participation of young Armenians that will help confront the challenges for the solution to the Armenian Cause”

From October 18 to 19, Brussels hosted

Mher Karakashian: “Armenians of the Diaspora are not facing the issue of the loss of Western Armenian, but the issue of Armenian-speaking Armenian”

From October 18 to 19, Brussels hosted

The Mekhitarist Congregation (precious pearl established on St. Lazarus Island 3 centuries ago) is an unfathomable repository of science

This year marks the 300th anniversary of

Kevork Hagopjian: “The 4th Congress of European-Armenians was effective in the internal and external senses”

From October 18 to 19, Brussels hosted

Haikuhi Kavukchyan, Nora Yacoubian: “If many people think about those in trouble and need, the world will be very colorful, and life will be like a fairy tale”

Besides seeing the light of the sun

Varand Kurkchian: The genius of Armenians has no end, in spite of our enemies”

From October 8 to 12, Tsaghkadzor hosted

Sarkis Vahakn: “The spirit and pride of Armenians give me wings to create”

Hayern Aysor’s interlocutor is U.S.-based Beirut-Armenian writer,

George Barseghian: “A heart needs love, kindness, less stress, clean air and a healthy lifestyle in order to feel good”

At the initiative of Action Health Armenia-France

Avedis Matikian: “The job of a cardiologist is invaluable; a cardiologist is the guardian of the heart”

  The beginning of this stormy era

Khatchig Dedeian: “What I appreciate the most is the consolidation of Armenians at the 6th Pan-Armenian Conference of Writers and the idea of unity”

From October 8 to 12, Tsaghkadzor hosted

Grigor Shamvelyan: “It is the duty of the soul of all Armenians to help the soldiers having defended and defending Artsakh’s borders and their families”

 Diaspora Armenians and Armenian communities continue to

Moneh Der Grigorian: “The Armenian School Foundation provides a wonderful opportunity to participate in nation-building”

The Glendale-based Armenian School Foundation unconditionally supports

Claims for Armenian Genocide restitution, Artsakh, Armenia-EU relations part of agenda of 4th European Armenian Convention

The 4th European Armenian Convention is set to

Armenian American lawyer: “Artsakh is a holy place for every Armenian”

Hayern Aysor’s correspondent sat down for an
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