Talented Syrians of Armenian descent

Mohammad Kasim Al Khalil writes the following on www.masrawy.com:

The Armenian citizens of Syria have a long history. There was a time when Syria served as a bridge for Armenian pilgrims who would head towards Jerusalem. Most of those pilgrims would admire the beauty of the city and the perspective of economic development and would settle there.

After Damascus was proclaimed the capital city of the Amaui Khalifate in the 6th century B.C., many Armenian princes started paying long visits to Damascus.

Trade relations between the Armenians and the Syrians continued even after the fall of the Arab Khalifate. Over time, the Armenians assimilated in Syria and became the viable element of the country. They made great contributions to various fields of arts, literature and culture. Many Armenians especially became well-known in Aleppo, and hundreds of them contributed to the advancement of music, painting and the media.

In this regard, the author of the article mentions the names of several brilliant Armenians, including Grigor Magistros (990-1059) and Armenian writers who composed in Arabic, including Shahin Gandi (17th century), Abdullah Al-Sabbagh Al-Halabi (18th century), Antoin Khanji (19th century), Andib Ishak (19th century), Grigor Ajemian (20th century), Mikhayel Gatit (20th century), Pols Goshakchi (20th century), Yeusik Goshakchi (20th century) and many others.

Cultural life in Syria became active in the mid-20th century when Arabs translated the works of Armenian poets and experts in Oriental studies, the famous of which is the excerpt from the work entitled “Abu Lala Mahari” written by famous Armenian writer Avetik Isahakyan and translated by Khair Al Din Asaddi with the help of Barsegh Chatoyan. The translation was published in 1952.

Let us also recall the fact that Rizk Allah Hasun, who was from Aleppo and had Armenian roots, was the founder of the first Arab language “Miraae Al Ahuali” newspaper published in Istanbul in 1854.

The author of the article also recalls the names of other Armenians who have shined in different fields of the country.

Translation by Hayern Aysor

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