“Aleppo” NGO and Japanese Embassy in Armenia teaming up to help solve Syrian-Armenians’ employment issue

On March 14, “Aleppo” Compatriotic Charitable NGO (“Aleppo” NGO) and the Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Armenia signed a contract on the grant to be provided to Aleppo Cuisine Center within the scope of assistance to the Grassroots Human Safety Programs through grants, reported “Aleppo” NGO to Hayern Aysor.

Among the attendees of the signing ceremony were Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to the Republic of Armenia Eyji Taguchi, Head of the Department of Social Security at Yerevan Municipality Ruzanna Zakaryan, Director of the Office of the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner in Armenia Christoph Bierwirth, as well as experts of the GIZ Economic Integration of Syrian Refugees in Armenia Program Karine Simonyan and Martin Hibsh.

In terms of its role and significance, the Aleppo Kuizi Center is the first social entrepreneurship program, the profits of which will serve for the creation of new jobs for vulnerable Syrian-Armenians and for the provision of humanitarian aid to Syrian-Armenian families.

Taking into consideration the high level of unemployment of Syrian-Armenians, particularly Syrian-Armenian women and the fact that, among their main capabilities, they have culinary skills, “Aleppo” NGO is establishing the “Aleppo Cuisine” Oriental kitchen, the goal of which is to create jobs for Syrian-Armenian women and contribute to their social and economic integration in Armenia. The establishment of the Oriental kitchen is also aimed at promoting the integration of Syrian-Armenians with special needs in civic life.

“By joining the ideology underlying the Aleppo Cuisine Center, which is to ensure a dignified life for Syrian-Armenians who have become refugees, the Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Armenia is helping build the center and bring the territory of the center into compliance with the culinary environment through the provision of $40,635 in assistance,” Executive Director of “Aleppo” NGO Sarkis Balkhian stated.

“I am glad that the Japanese government is able to make its special contributions to ensuring the welfare of refugees in Armenia through its efforts with international organizations. Supporting the “Aleppo Cuisine” social entrepreneurship program turns a new page in our activities, and I fully hope that the Aleppo Cuisine Center will only achieve success on this new page,” Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to the Republic of Armenia Eyji Taguchi stated.

The GIZ and the parochial council of the St. George Armenian Apostolic Church of Houston have also supported the “Aleppo Cuisine” social entrepreneurship program.

In particular, thanks to the efforts of the parochial council of the St. George Armenian Apostolic Church, namely Chairman Vrej Kolandjian and Mr. and Mrs. Osterpaur-Danielians, sufficient funds have been donated to allow “Aleppo” NGO purchase the premises of the Oriental kitchen. Thanks to the support provided by the GIZ, the kitchen is armed with necessary equipment, and the newly formed staff has the relevant knowledge and skills.

With charity being the core of its activities, “Aleppo” NGO provides humanitarian aid to 6,100 Syrian-Armenians having taken shelter in Armenia as a result of the Syrian conflict, as well as develops and implements long-term programs that are aimed at solving the issues of housing and employment for Syrian-Armenians in Armenia. The organization’s activities also contribute to the integration of Syrian-Armenians in the social, cultural, spiritual, physical, educational and scientific spheres in Armenia.

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