Message of RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan on occasion of Mother Language Day

Dear compatriots, Armenians around the world,

On February 21, many nations of the world celebrate Mother Language Day, which is established by the UNESCO. Along with other countries, Armenia also celebrates the day as a state holiday, but this day is of special significance for all Armenians around the world. Unquestionably, the day is very symbolic and binding. It is first and foremost a powerful signal to protect and preserve the greatest treasure of our national heritage, that is, the Armenian language, which is the primary guarantee of national identity and national unity and the pillar for preservation of the Armenian identity, as well as the powerful shield to protect Armenians from the danger of assimilation. Today, in an era of globalization, the use, teaching and transfer of the native language must become an imperative since the “ocean” of universal assimilation will take our native language, as well as our values, identity and history away from us in times of inconsistency and indifference.

Teaching of the mother language has to become the primary goal for Armenian communities and Armenian schools in the Diaspora so that Armenian schoolchildren and young people speak, read and think in Armenian and so that Armenian children learn Armenian words and have linguistic thinking in Armenian at an early age. Today, we can achieve the desired outcome through high technologies by organizing distance learning courses and Armenian games and by typing Armenian letters when communicating on the Internet, while being aware of the divine essence of our ��?golden’ language. Alishan would say the following: “Wherever native songs are heard, that is where the homeland is living”. So, let’s speak, think, live, sing and pray in Armenian!

Today, the Armenian State is doing everything it can to preserve, transmit, converge and enhance the two ramifications of the Armenian language, that is, Eastern Armenian and Western Armenian. The homeland is the protector of the mother language and the source of its viability, and I am certain that its viability will make your love for the mother language be lively and multiply and make you speak and think in Armenian more.

Let us love, learn and transmit the mother language! Let all Armenians increase their knowledge of Armenian, and let the Armenian language become our anchor in the “ocean” of eternity!

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