Bishop Vahan Hovhannisyan, French-Armenian businessman Rémy Makinadjian and director Adel Avard visit RA Ministry of Diaspora

RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan received Primate of the French Diocese of the Armenian Holy Apostolic Church, His Grace, Fr. Bishop Vahan Hovhannisyan; French-Armenian businessman and benefactor Rémy Makinadjian and notable French director Adel Avard.

The Minister cordially greeted the guest and attached importance to their pro-national activities and the role of the community and the Church in pro-Armenian developments taking place in France.

The Minister was especially excited as she welcomed French-Armenian benefactor Rémy Makinadjian’s initiative to shoot a film devoted to Armenia and the Armenian community of France.

Expressing gratitude for the cordial reception, Rémy Makinadjian attached importance to the cooperation with the Ministry of Diaspora and the active participation of Diaspora Armenian businessmen in Armenia’s development. He introduced notable film director Adel Avard, who is of Armenian descent and is interested in Armenia and Armenian culture, has come to see and have an understanding of Armenia before shootings, is deeply impressed and already feels Armenian.

Issues related to the Armenian community organizations in France and the participation of the Armenian community in the 6th Armenia-Diaspora Pan-Armenian Conference were considered during the meeting.

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