RA Deputy Minister of Diaspora Serzh Srapionyan meets with head of the world famous Flying Steps Entertainment Vartan Bassil

On June 23, RA Deputy Minister of Diaspora Serzh Srapionyan met with head of the world famous Flying Steps Entertainment Vartan Bassil. President of the Break Dance Association of Armenia Garik Aleksanyan was also attending the meeting.

Greeting the guest, Deputy Minister of Diaspora Serzh Srapionyan highly appreciated Vartan Bassil’s achievements in the field of dance, transmitted the welcoming remarks of Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan and particularly mentioned the following: “Dear Vartan, you were born in Lebanon and moved to Berlin, but you haven’t forgotten your native language and have constantly maintained ties with the Homeland. Since the age of 13, you have been dancing and are now considered one of the founders of European Break Dance. In 1993, you established the famous Flying Steps Entertainment, and thanks to your extraordinary scenic and choreographic dance solutions, you have won several competitions and championships. It is not by chance that Flying Steps Entertainment established its own dance academy in Berlin in 2007. The Ministry of Diaspora is willing to collaborate with you, engage you in the programs of the Ministry of Diaspora and help popularize your activities. Today, youth is the driving force of a society, and the freshness and modern art of young people can’t be ignored. We would be happy, if all this is enriched with the breath of Armenianness as well.”

Vartan Bassil expressed gratitude for the cordial reception and stated that he has always wanted to present his art in the Homeland. “I take pride in my Armenian identity everywhere I go. I always try to represent Armenia whenever I visit a country for a concert and perform in front of hundreds of thousands of people. I have had a longtime desire to convey “Armenianness” to my group, and I hope it works out through my collaboration with the Ministry of Diaspora,” Vartan Bassil stated.

Afterwards, the attendees outlined the paths for future cooperation.

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