Event dedicated to Sayat-Nova’s 300th anniversary held in Georgia

On November 5, an event dedicated to Sayat-Nova’s 300th anniversary was held at the exhibition hall of the National Library of the Parliament of Georgia.  

Among those attending the event organized by the RA Embassy in Georgia and the Caucasian Home Center for Cultural Ties were Editor of Georgia newspaper Van Bayburtyan, MPs, clergymen of the Georgian-Armenian Diocese, representatives of the Armenian, Jewish, Kurdish, German, Latvian, Estonian and other ethnic communities of Tbilisi, as well as Georgian intellectuals and public figures.

The event included speeches by translator of Sayat-Nova’s works, well-known Tbilisi-Armenian writer Givi Shahnazari renowned Armenologist, translator Zezva Medulashvili and former editor-in-chief of Georgia’s Public Television Emin Mahmudov. The speakers touched upon the creative skills of the multilingual poet-troubadour, who has been considered unbeatable in the literatures of peoples of the region, and historian Yenok Tadevosyan presented interesting information about Sayat-Nova’s biography.

Thanks to an Internet connection to Armenia, the participants of the event had the chance to speak to artistic director of Sayat-Nova Ensemble, Distinguished Artist of the Republic of Armenia, Professor Tovmas Poghosyan.

The event included a concert featuring performances by artistic director of Jeyran Dance Ensemble of “Hayartun” Cultural Center Svetlana Yeritsyan and her students, the string quartet comprised of young Georgian musicians, as well as well-known musicians who have won international competitions, singers Yesayi Abovyan, Nadya Zakharyan and Emma and Anna Poghosovas. The event also included an exhibition showcasing the works of painter Alla Antonyan, as well as reciting of poetry by Liza Torosyan and Oriental studies expert Kerim Ankosi.

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