Former “Ari Tun” Program participant Aram Siserian: “I not only recognized the Homeland, but also fell in love during the “Ari Tun” Program”

The 2016 “Ari Tun” Program for homeland recognition drew to an end, and the eighth and final stage of this year’s program was held with the participation of the young Diaspora Armenians who had participated in the program in previous years. In an interview with Hayern Aysor, all the participants emphasized and attached importance to this wonderful program that allows them to interact with other young Armenians around the world, visit historic and cultural sites, relax in Tsaghkadzor, sing and dance and sit around a table to dine like a big family. The participants of previous years remembered the days of the program with longing, and when they found out that they were invited to participate in the eighth and final stage of this year’s program, they said it was a dream that had unexpectedly come true. The young Armenians spending their days at the “Ari Tun” Camp in Tsaghkadzor also said they had become very attached to the program and regretted not being able to participate again due to their age.

Aram Siserian, 18, Syria

“I am from Syria. My family and I have already moved to the Homeland. I don’t accept those who complain. We feel great in Armenia. Whoever wants to work will always find a job. In fact, those who don’t work will stay unemployed in any country. The fact that I am in my country, see Armenians and interact in Armenian is already a joy. I have made many friends in Armenia, and I had already established contacts through the “Ari Tun” Program. I participated in the program last year and am aware of the content and the camping event. We participate in many events during the days at the camp, but I would also like to participate in athletic games. We are learning great Armenian songs and dances that I had learned last year. This last stage of the program has its advantages in that everyone is sort of more excited, more energetic and infinitely cordial and generous. Lucky are those who will participate in this program. The teachers are wonderful people, the dishes are tasty, and the air is clean. I am a big eater, and this clean air made me hungrier. I can’t get enough, especially since the food is tasty and homemade. The cake is also tasty, and I can’t get enough of it. I have fallen in love with a girl here. I won’t say her name or which country she is from. She is the tallest and the most beautiful girl here. You guess…I will talk to her today. I am sad that I will be leaving Armenia in two days, but I hope to talk and interact with her on the Internet and get to know her as much as I can…we’ll see!

I fell in love with one of the girls who participated in last year’s program and she was my girlfriend for a while, but then we broke up. I think this time I will have a more serious relationship.”

Hambardzum Kechek, 17, Estonia

“I also participated in this wonderful program last year, saw the historic and cultural monuments of Armenia and relaxed at the “Ari Tun” Camp where I met and interacted with my peers from different countries around the world. We have different mindsets, but we all want to have a powerful Homeland. For that, Diaspora Armenians and later young Armenians need to make investments. My father was born in Armenia. We live in Estonia, Armenia is a beautiful country. The people in Armenia are different from other nations with their cordiality, generosity and hospitality. I am proud to be the son of such a nation. Here at the camp I met the participants of the eighth stage and made new friends. I have such a wide circle of friends that I made during the “Ari Tun” Program. Thank you! True, the staff at the camp has changed, but the people are still generous. The fact that the teachers are friendly is very important. I am very content. I have always noticed that and attached importance to it. I would advise my friends to participate in this beautiful program. I thank the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia!”

Lusine Tumanyan, 19, Saint Petersburg

“I participated in the “Ari Tun” Program two years ago. Nothing has changed. It’s just that there are new participants. I would love to visit places I have never been before. I would love to be in the forest and in the heart of nature. This is very important for me because I am a painter. I could paint in the heart of nature and maybe take my painting and give it to the Minister of Diaspora as a gift. I would even paint right now. I mainly create miniature paintings. I don’t have any suggestions for the other spheres since there are always native studies courses, Armenian song and dance lessons and recitation, making the camping event more interesting. Unlike others, I think these five days are enough to spend a wonderful time at the camp. My friends simply want to stay longer. It is natural because the staff members are good people and good teachers.  My friends in Saint Petersburg ask me about my impressions, and I advise them to participate in the program, recognize the Homeland and interact with the youth of Armenia, as well as listen to conversations in Armenian and learn Armenian songs and dances. This is a genuine and familiar home called the Homeland.”

Karine Avagyan

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