“Ari Tun-2014”. “The products of the Armenian land are more delicious”. Knarik and Luisa Grigoryans

Phase 5 of “Ari Tun-2014” program was launched a few days ago. In course of the regular tour of this phase, the correspondent of “Hayern Aysor” (Armenians today) talked to Knarik and Luisa Grigoryans, who had arrived in their Motherland from the City of Madrid, Spain.

The sisters used to live in Armenia; however, when Luisa was 7 years old, and Knarik – 9 years old, their family left for Spain. While this is their fourth visit to Armenia, this is their first involvement in “Ari Tun” program, of which they have heard a lot, and only this year they decided to participate in it.

The sisters told that they love Armenia very much. They like especially the Armenian food. Knarik likes tomato. She says – “The products of the Armenian land is more delicious”.

Luisa and Knarik assure that, to preserve their Armenian roots, they are used to speak Armenian in Spain, listen to the Armenian music, read the Armenian books, watch Armenian movies and comply with all the Armenian traditions. They have also attended the Armenian Sunday School.

As told by the sisters, they have been in Armenia for already two days and during those days they have seen and leant a lot of things, they have met new friends and enjoyed a lot, and it would be hard for them to leave all these and go back to Spain. The girls said that they are going to miss this big family.

At the end of the talk, the sisters thanked the RA Ministry of Diaspora for offering them this opportunity, and invited their compatriots living in foreign countries to participate in “Ari Tun” program

Tatev Davtyan 

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