RA Minister of Diaspora receives editor of Istanbul’s Zhamanak Daily Ara Gocunyan

On October 8, RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan received editor of Istanbul’s Zhamanak Daily Ara Gocunyan.

During the meeting, the sides discussed Issues related to the national and cultural events taking place within the Armenian community of Istanbul.

Ara Gocunyan donated the collection of articles and new novels entitled “From Within Asia Minor” by notable Istanbul-Armenian writer Yerukhan (Yervand Armakeshkhanlian) recently published by Sevan Deirmenjian, which is yet another volume of the series of books being published by the daily newspaper. As Gocunyan informed, the daily newspaper will also release the next book of the series, that is, the volume devoted to Ruben Zardarian. He also mentioned that Zhamanak Daily has a website that has helped increase readership.

The sides reached an agreement on holding a presentation of the series of books by Istanbul-Armenian writers and the newspaper’s electronic website with the support of the RA Ministry of Diaspora.


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