“Ari Tun”-2014. Farewell bonfire – outburst of emotions or I don’t want to leave the “Ari Tun” Program….”

The days spent at camp within framework of the RA Ministry of Diaspora “Ari Tun” program for Homeland recognition for the Diaspora youth are peculiar for the young Diaspora boys and girls. Throughout these days spent in Tsaghkadzor, they become friends andindivisible particles, i.e. one family.

The traditional bonfire heralding the end of another stage of the program, becomes a challenging and emotional moment for the children; giving way to their feelings, with tears on their eyes they hug each other around the camp fire, trying to postpone the departure. This way they express theirheart outburst. “We don’t want to leave the “Ari Tun” Program; it is so hard for us…”

When watching these young people as an observer, you truly see the warmth, sincerity and love they feel towards each other; after bidding farewell they would again hug and jump demonstrating a mixture of love and cry.  The staff of “Ari Tun” Camp – the pedagogues, event organizes, the singing and dance teachers, etc., are sharing the participant’s emotions.  I saw, how they shared the feelings and emotions with the children. Thanks to these people, the Diaspora young people enrich their knowledge at the camp acquiringpatriotic information, learning songs, poems, dances.  During the interview they said that they have become very good friends.

Susanna Hakobyan – Professor of Armeniology and speech culture; teaches Armeniology at “Ari Tun” Camp. She has been impressed with the children, so that she can hardly find words to interpret her feelings. Mrs. Susanna said that all the participants are involved in the Armeniology classes with pleasure; they would rejoice when those unable to speak the Armenian learn their mother tongue. They are particularly interested in poems. When they fail to understand the meaning of poem, or just a word, they ask for the translation, so that they could recitebeing able to understand and not just automatically. Mrs. Susanna has observed that they are emotional when learning songs or poems dedicated to the homeland; the patriotic uplift is very  strong among them.

SiranushGhukasyan, Honored Arts Worker, as well as is specialized as a stage manager and psychologist. During the days at camp, she used to perform organizational and event script writing activities. This is her first year of cooperation with “Ari Tun” program. She thinks that this is fabulous program as Armenians from various parts of the world could get together. At the camp, Mrs. Siranush writes various poems for the children which they later on recite during the closing ceremony of the particular stage. Mrs. Siranush works with the children with pleasure, as she enjoys their company and says that they are knowledgeable and curious.

KhristineSheroyan is the singing teacher at “Ari Tun” camp for already 4th year. While she has a lot of business in Yerevan, during these summer days, she leaves everything and unhesitatingly comes toTsaghkadzor to be able to contact with the program participants. Christine informed that here one could find children with different character. There are children with inferiority complex, but after working with them, the result is achieved, and they get in touch with the people around and friends.

That’s about the “Ari Tun” camp, full of the days filled with the Homeland inspiration, leaving unforgettable trace in the memory of the Diaspora young boys and girls.  These sweet memories will further motivate them to come back to Armenia and to firmly stand on the Motherland… Come home, my dear children.

Prepared by GevorgChichiyan

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