Javakheti-Armenian painters open exhibition “Ahead of the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide” at Museum of History of Yerevan

On Apr. 18, cultural figures, leaders of state and non-governmental organizations and guests attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition showcasing the works by Javakheti-Armenian painters held by the RA Ministry of Diaspora at the Museum of History of Yerevan.

Greeting the gathered, RA Acting Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan congratulated the Javakheti-Armenians on organizing another beautiful cultural event and added: “The 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide is approaching, but the struggle of the Armenian people continues. All Armenians in the Homeland, Artsakh, Javakheti and the Diaspora stand united as one in their struggle for international recognition of the Armenian Genocide, the Armenian Cause and the restoration of justice. Presenting our cause to the world through culture is one of the ways of the struggle. Culture is the force that can bind and connect the past, present and future together.”

President of the Union of Artists of Armenia Karen Aghamyan also gave welcoming remarks.

Honored Artist of Georgia Karlen Karapetyan expressed gratitude to the RA Ministry of Diaspora, Yerevan Municipality and the Javakheti Support Foundation for helping organize the exhibition. “Today’s exhibition is a great joy for us, and I thank all the supporters. The exhibition showed once again that the people of Javakheti have great artists as well. We have showcased our works not only in Armenia and Georgia, but in the United States and Canada as well. As you view our work, you will feel joy and pain.”

RA Acting Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan granted the Arshil Gorky Medal to Karlen Karapetyan for his notable contributions to the development and dissemination of Armenian culture.

Among other speakers were benefactor, businessman, co-founder of the Javakhk Support Foundation Sos Sahakyan; Editor-in-Chief of the Armenian Encyclopedia Hovhannes Ayvazyan; Director of the Institute of History of the NAS RA Ashot Melkonyan; President of the Compatriotic Union of Javakheti-Armenians Shirak Torosyan and President of the “Union of Georgian-Armenians” NGO, Deputy of the RA National Assembly Tatchat Vardapetyan. Director of School N 131 in Yerevan, soloist of the “Sayat-Nova” Ensemble of Troubadours Grigor Safaryan performed Jivani’s song “The Sweet Wind in the Morning (Aravotyan Qaghcr Hovin).

The exhibition entitled “Ahead of the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide” showcased the works by sculptors Sergo Sahakyan (“Illusion”, “Autumn”, “Different People”, “Salvation”, “World View”), Rafik Sargsyan (“Paruyr Sevak”, “Narekatsi”) and Baghdasar Sargsyan (“Tsovinar”, “In Front of the Mirror”).

Karlen Karapetyan’s series of paintings devoted to the Armenian Genocide “(Genocide-Three Images”), as well as the paintings “Portrait of a Mother”, “Look” and “Girl of the Sun” especially attracted the viewers’ attention.

Hamlet Aroyan’s, Mnatsakan Dallakyan’s and Haykazun Gharagulyan’s landscapes, portraits and still nature paintings devoted to Javakheti were also interesting.

The exhibition will run until April 23rd.


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