Young Syrian-Armenian repatriate: ‘We will never leave Armenia”

Photos remind us of the unforgettable moments in our lives. Young Syrian-Armenian repatriate Adour Gouyoumdjian shares this opinion and says that his 15-day visit to Armenia was a turning point for him and his family. According to him, those 15 days turned into 7 years. Settling in Armenia, the young photographer set up his own photo studio and combined work and study.

Hayern Aysor’s interlocutor Adour Gouyoumdjian is interested in programming as well.

Hayern Aysor: Adour, tell us what made you decide to return to the homeland.

Adour Gouyoumdjian: I made the move to Armenia by chance. We were living in the Syrian city of Aleppo. At the time, I was 11, was going to school and was involved in photography. In 2012, my family and I decided to come to Armenia for fifteen days, but that turned into seven years. I continued my studies in Armenia, and now I want to become a programmer.

Hayern Aysor: Whose idea was it to create Ransh Photo Studio? Why did you choose that name?

Adour Gouyoumdjian: I came up with the idea of creating the studio. It started operating in February 2018. The name of the studio is an abbreviation of the first letters of the names of my family members. My parents’, friends’ and relatives’ support was more than important for me.

Hayern Aysor: Is photography simply a job or is it an occupation for you?

Adour Gouyoumdjian: For me, photography is first and foremost an occupation. We all experience indescribable moments in our lives that are worth remembering, and photos are the ��?witnesses’ of those moments. A photographer must love nature and seek the beauty hidden therein. The only way your work can give fruit is if you love what you do.

Hayern Aysor: Was it easy for you to become integrated into Armenia? What did you get out of the years that you spent in Armenia?

Adour Gouyoumdjian: If a person is adaptive, he can find his place in society. Fortunately, in my case, it was very easy to become integrated. I had many friends here.

While living in Armenia, I realized what the homeland is all about.

We found our real home here, and we will never leave Armenia.

Hayern Aysor: What have you started attaching more importance to after repatriating?

Adour Gouyoumdjian: Distance makes you realize that you don’t spend a lot of time with relatives.

I started attaching importance to the precious seconds that I would spend with them. You have to spend a lot of time with them and share your joy and sadness.

Gaiane Tadevosyan

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