Results of successful attempt at growing subtropical fruits in Kashatagh region presented during Harvest Day event

On October 8, the results of the successful attempt at growing subtropical fruits in the Kashunik village of the Kashatagh region of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic were presented during the Harvest Day event dedicated to Agricultural Workers Day and held at Renaissance Square in Stepanakert.

In an interview with Artsakhpress, head of Kashunik village Levon Movsisyan said the seeds of the first of the exotic fruits, kiwano (African fruit), was brought from abroad.

The unusual and exotic fruit is like a horned cucumber. The nucleus of kiwano is a bright green, jelly-like mass with seeds that are similar to the seeds of a cucumber and melon. Kiwano can be raw and marinated. It can also be used to make compote. According to the head of the village, the villagers received more information about cultivation of the plant from the Internet.

“The attempt was successful, and now farmers are experimenting with other types. The first results of those experiments are positive,” Movsisyan said, adding that the area is favorable in terms of climate.

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