Leader of Armenian community of Toronto: “Although we live far away from the homeland, we are always interested in the problems in Armenia”

On September 27, RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan received leader of the Armenian community of Toronto Hagop Jambazian and his wife.

The Minister attached importance to the community figure’s pro-national efforts and particularly stated the following: “The Armenian community of Canada is one of the most organized communities of the Diaspora. As representatives of the conventional Armenian Diaspora, the Armenians of Canada have managed to preserve the Armenian identity in an organized manner. Brilliant evidence of this is the daily school of ARS Toronto, which already has 640 pupils and is under the care of the Armenian community.”

Hagop Jambazian expressed gratitude for the cordial reception and stated that the community is unified and actively participates in charity programs. The community has sent assistance through the “What are YOU doing for Artsakh?” pan-Armenian movement several times. The community figure mentioned that they were visiting Artsakh on another mission and that all the Armenians of Canada will always stand by the side of Artsakh to the best of their abilities.

“Although we live far away from the homeland, we are always interested in the problems in Armenia, and we want to see them solved as soon as possible. This time we have brought medicine and necessary accessories for the Defense Army of Artsakh,” Hagop Jambazian added.

Issues on the integration of Syrian-Armenians in Canada and their involvement in community life were considered during the meeting.


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