Luiza Jorjizyan: “The days at the camp brought us closer together”

Diaspora Armenian boys and girls are almost always very impressed with the events organized as part of the “Ari Tun” Program of the RA Ministry of Diaspora for homeland recognition, and most of them visit Armenia for the first time ever. During my interviews for Hayern Aysor, I have often heard how the Diaspora Armenian boys and girls talk about their days at the “Ari Tun” Camp with admiration, and I present one of the conversations to our readers.

Luiza Jorjizyan, 12, Los Angeles, USA

“My mother told me about this program, and I very gladly expressed my desire to participate in the program and don’t regret it. Moreover, if I had a chance, I would participate again. We visited sites worth seeing, and I have great impressions. When I return to the USA, I will tell my siblings and all my friends about this. The events at the camp helped bring me and the other participants closer together. We learned Armenian songs and dances, breathed clean air, enjoyed the coolness coming from the forests and ate tasty meals. I love the fruits of Armenia, the cold and tasty water and…Armenian kebab.

In Los Angeles, I attend a Russian school, but Armenian is our household language. My father helps us preserve the Armenian language at home. Through this program, I improved my Armenian as much as I could.

What I liked the most about Yerevan were the people who are very clean and tidy. I love wearing the shirt with the words “Ari Tun” on it. I will really miss these marvelous days. When I grow up, I might become a nurse like my mother. I might even receive my higher education in Armenia and settle in the Homeland. The last day of the camping events is very touching. It will be hard to say good-bye to my new friends, but we will keep in touch on the Internet. We might meet again someday in Armenia when we are older.”

This dark, dark-eyed and beautiful young Armenian girl is the fire of one of the Armenian families that has preserved the Armenian identity abroad, and her Armenian upbringing and the sparks of patriotism in her little heart will definitely lead to an inextinguishable fire on the native land.

Karine Avagyan

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