Mariana Kababian: “Members of Armenian society trust Armenian manufacturers”

People visiting Tashir Mall in Yerevan can’t overlook the halls on the fourth floor where they can see and purchase works of art, including paintings, a variety of applied decorative arts, national costumes and modern clothes, scarves, plaiting, samples of wooden objects, cosmetic products, candles, soaps, shoes and mementos…It is nice to see that the high-quality products of local manufacturers have their special place in not only the domestic market, but also in the foreign market. I discuss this and other topics with Director of Armenian Brands Project Mariana Kababian during my interview for Hayern Aysor.

Karine Avagyan: Mariana, please tell us who came up with the idea of this project.

Mariana Kababian: The idea was conceived by Tashir Invest Group. I work for the organization and was simply part of the project as an organizer. Although I am a philologist by profession and an expert in Russian language and literature, it is a pleasure for me to work for this organization.

Karine Avagyan: Was it hard to get involved in this responsible and large-scale activity?

Mariana Kababian: The organization has done a tremendous job. It was necessary to gather all Armenian manufacturers under one roof. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to implement that idea and gather everyone. We were joined by the manufacturers who believed in us and our idea and wanted to collaborate with us. This is a shop/hall, a trade platform where nearly 60 Armenian manufacturers have showcased their works. We had initially tried to establish contacts with fashion designers and had opened a fashion home, after which many manufacturers came and said they would like to collaborate with us. Thank God, members of Armenian society trust Armenian manufacturers and make purchases. During the month-long celebration devoted to women, we carried out an unprecedented project and organized the first exhibition-sale during which we presented the paintings by two Armenian painters, including Anna Harutyunyan and Hasmik Avetisyan. We have decided to work with Anna Harutyunyan for a long period and present the works of different Armenian painters on a regular basis so that people can purchase works of art from us. We already have sections for painters, but we are also engaging new artists. This was part of the events devoted to women in March, and the opening was held along with the fashion show, which ended on 7 April. The section for clothes and paintings will be permanent.

Karine Avagyan: Mariana, are foreigners the only people interested in Armenian national costumes and ornaments?

Mariana Kababian: I am very pleased to state that not only foreigners, but also locals are interested in national costumes and ornaments. They purchase them with pleasure and wear them on a daily basis. Our designers use elements of national costumes and ornaments in their collections. Teryan Cultural Center, which supports the preservation and renaissance of the nation, regularly organizes and holds fashion shows here. The Center also has a laboratory for photo shoots where people can come, wear a national costume and take photos. We also intend to collaborate with travel agencies. Foreigners and locals are interested in our organization, meaning our organization is growing and expanding. We hope Armenian manufacturers win the first place at competitions and Armenian trademarks become the trademarks that people search the most.

My interview with Mariana Kababian ended, but Kababian continued to talk to future Syrian-Armenian journalist Lucy-Vana, who was interested in the responses to the exhibition-sale, the guarantee of success of Armenian trademarks in the presence of Turkish products at Tashir Mall and the combination of trademarks of Turkey and Armenia under one roof, and Mariana talked about the positive responses and the growing potential of the competitiveness of Armenian trademarks.

Karine Avagyan

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