Lesson/event dedicated to the 180th birth anniversary of Tigran Chukhajyan

May 11th is the birthday of wonderful composer and founder of the Armenian musical theater Tigran Chukhajyan. In light of this, K. Movsisyan, history teacher of M. Galshoyan High School #48 in Yerevan, hosted a lesson devoted to the composer for the 12th graders. The lesson/event was part of the Our Greats Program of the RA Ministry of Diaspora.

As reported Movsisyan to Hayern Aysor, the pupils talked about the life and career of Chukhajyan, interpreted his masterpieces, listened to parts from his operas and operettes and solved musical crossword puzzles with interest.

The pupils had carefully prepared and presented a theme-based video devoted to the life and career of the composer.

The subsequent cognitive lesson ended with a performance of the “Marching Song of the Armenians of Zeytun” by the pupils. The lesson was instructive and interdisciplinary.

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