Enrique Avakian: “Culture opens closed doors”

Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan received artistic director of Gousan Armenian Instruments Ensemble of Argentina Enrique Avakian and his wife, teacher of a pre-school adjunct to the Armenian church of Cordoba, Lena Avakian.

Cordially greeting the guests from Argentina, the Minister expressed her admiration of the Avakian family’s efforts and activities for the preservation of the Armenian identity.

“Fate predetermined the amazing odyssey for your family. When the men of the Avakian family were leaving to work in Argentina in 1911, they would never imagine that their home would be destroyed in the Homeland in 1915. This is the story of a family that experienced and suffered from the tragedy of the Armenian Genocide from a distance and got back on its feet, a family, the fourth generation of which is already taking revenge by creating a small Armenia in the distant Cordoba, disseminating Armenian culture and transmitting the sweet sounds of the Armenian language to Armenian children. I thank you for your courageous initiatives dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide and for standing with Artsakh and Armenia during the days of the war in April. Our museum houses the red treasure box that your students made and in which you compiled your funds and brought them to the Homeland. Thank you, dear Enrique and Lena for trying to preserve the image of the Armenian community along with your three sons, for the fact that the sounds of Armenian national instruments have been “speaking” in Armenian along with Latin American beats, “charming” and “telling the story” in Armenian for 47 years, conveying the longing for the homeland. I hope the meritorious Gousan Ensemble celebrates its 50th anniversary in Armenia. I am certain that by participating in the events dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Armenia, you felt more courageous, more energetic and will continue your job with more motivation.”

Expressing gratitude for the cordial reception, Enrique Avakian stated that they do their job with the awareness that culture opens closed doors, culture and the family help Armenians preserve their identity abroad and it is the sons of Raffi, Aram and Vardan who will continue to carry out the mission of the Avakian family to preserve the Armenian identity.

Artistic director of Gousan Armenian Instruments Ensemble of Argentina Enrique Avakian was awarded with the Komitas Medal of the RA Ministry of Diaspora for disseminating Armenian arts in the Diaspora, showing a high level of mastery in his career and performances and for making significant contributions to the development of the Armenia-Diaspora partnership through his activities.

On the occasion of Teachers’ Day (5 October), the Minister granted a certificate of appreciation of the Ministry of Diaspora to Lena Avakian for teaching Armenian to children with great dedication.

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