Missile attack on Damascus kills Hovik Kardatsoghian

Missile attacks took place in the peaceful regions of Appasi, Kassa and Pap Tuma of Damascus on October 6. According to official data, the missile attacks killed 8, injured two dozen people and caused serious damage. Those districts are populated by Syrian-Armenians. The Greek Holy Cross Orthodox Church is located in Kassa region, which was also damaged.

Among the victims is Hovik Kardatsoghian (Okumushian) (born in 1958), reports aztagdaily. Syria has been in a war for the past two years. In that period, based on statistics provided by the UN, more than 150,000 people have died, 2 million have become refugees and another 4 million have been internally displaced. Nearly 6,000 Syrians become refugees on a daily basis.

The Syrian-Armenians are mainly based in Aleppo and Damascus. Prior to the war, there were nearly 80,000 Syrian-Armenians.


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