Inter-departmental commission coordinating the key issues of Syrian-Armenians holds subsequent session

RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan moderated the subsequent session of the inter-departmental commission coordinating the key issues concerning Syrian-Armenians on July 12th. Head of the Management Department of the Central Bank of Armenia Gayane Khachatryan presented the results of the training courses organized by the Central Bank of Armenia for Syrian-Armenian accountants and economists and particularly mentioned that the young Syrian-Armenian participants received certificates, which will provide them with job opportunities.

Primate of the Diocese of the Armenian Catholic Church in Armenia, Georgia, Russia and Eastern Europe,Archbishop Rafael Minasyan summed up the activities carried out by the Armenian Catholic Church and Armenian Caritas, which has supported 87 Syrian-Armenian families and solves their problems with living conditions, food, education and employment.

President of the “Hamazkayin” Armenian Educational and Cultural Foundation Lilit Galstyan delivered a report on the programs carried out by the “Help your Brother” Foundation and mentioned that the humanitarian assistance helped consolidate all Armenians around the idea of supporting Syrian-Armenians.

Head of the Department of Armenian Communities of the Near East and Middle East Lusine Stepanyan delivered a report on organizing the summer vacation for Diaspora Armenian youth and mentioned that more than 200 Syrian-Armenian children between the ages of 9 and 12 have already spent their summer vacation at the camps in Vanadzor, the Gugark and Lori provinces thanks to donations from different organizations and departments and another 400 will be spending their vacation.

Summing up the comments and suggestions made during the session, RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan expressed gratitude to the representative of the Armenian Catholic Church and the “Help your Brother” Foundation for their support to the Syrian-Armenians and active efforts. The minister also attached importance to the solution to the Arab-speaking Syrian-Armenians’ issues of language, education, housing and employment, as well as the issue of extending the time limits for implementing the decisions that have already been taken for Syrian-Armenians.

The future actions of the departments and other structures were indicated during the discussion.

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