Temporary Armenian Genocide exhibitions opening in different countries

To organize the events dedicated to the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide, the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute is providing Armenia’s diplomatic representations and Armenian centers in the Armenian Diaspora with materials for temporary exhibitions with several titles.

The Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute reports that temporary exhibitions opened in Tbilisi, Prague, the capital cities of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania and in Oslo in the first half of March and showcased the materials that were provided by the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute.

The Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute also reports that the temporary exhibitions include exhibitions of materials to be especially showcased abroad, as well as exhibitions showcasing collections of photos. In the weeks to come, temporary exhibitions will open in Cairo, Budapest, Mexico, Vienna, Moscow, Cyprus and Greek cities, as well as in several other places.

The organizing of such exhibitions abroad is made possible through the combined efforts of the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute (AGMI), as well as relevant structures of the Armenian community and Armenia’s diplomatic representations.

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