2014 “My Armenia” Pan-Armenian Festival: Biayna’s trip to Armenia

Biayna Bablanian is one of the members of Kuwait’s Shakeh Dance Ensemble. She’s a lively girl with a smile on her face and seems to be the “soul” of the dance ensemble. I met her during the trip to Artsakh where the participants of the “My Armenia” Pan-Armenian Festival were heading to perform. The participants were feeling less tired as they talked and joked about her during the trip.

Biayna’s family is from Iraq, but they have been living in Kuwait since 1991. She studied at the National School of Kuwait and graduated from the local university with a major in business this year. Biayna has been one of the dancers of Shakeh Dance Ensemble for seven years. The ensemble is performing in Armenia for the first time ever.

“We’re having a great time in Armenia. We’re proud to be participating in this festival. We communicate with our peers and watch their performances. We’ve already established contacts with the Armenians from Canada, Australia, Lebanon and other countries, and we’re on the same road with them,” Biayna said.

Biayna said she wasn’t visiting Artsakh for the first time, adding that she had been there when she was little, but remembers almost nothing about the visit.

“The greenery and mountains on the road to Artsakh were beautiful. Everything was wonderful. You won’t see all that in Kuwait. There are only sand dunes. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to tour Artsakh a lot. We have a busy schedule and spend most of the day in buses. We go to the city on the program, dance and come back. If we have time and don’t feel tired, we go sightseeing. I think all sites in Armenia are nice,” Biayna said.

Biayna’s trip to Armenia is not limited to the festival. She has taken perhaps one of the most daring and most important decisions in her life. She will be spending another two months to work in Armenia through DEPI HAYK (Birthright Armenia).

“Staying here for another two months will help me communicate with the locals and see how people in Armenia work. I’ve visited Armenia a lot and don’t treat many difficulties seriously. I’m a little afraid of how I’ll be working with the people here, but I love trying new things.

I feel great in Armenia. If everything works out well and if I find a job, I’ll stay here. I know there are difficulties, but I’m certain that I’ll overcome them and that everything will be alright,” Biayna said.

Lusine Abrahamyan


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