Diaspora Minister says “Ari Tun” (Come Home) Program is set to kick off on 9 or 10 August

The date of the launch of the “Ari Tun” (Come Home) Program will be more specifically announced on June 13, but the program will most likely be launched on August 9-10. The “Ari Tun” Program and the other programs will be fruitful through the efforts of our team at the Ministry of Diaspora. All the programs that we haven’t suspended and are carrying out will be targeted at specific outcomes,” RA Minister of Diaspora Mkhitar Hayrapetyan said during a briefing.

According to Hayrapetyan, the main goal of the program is not as much repatriation as much as the strengthening of bonds between Armenia and young Diaspora Armenians. Hayrapetyan says the program serves as another step aimed at strengthening the bonds with Armenia and that most of the young Diaspora Armenians have never been to Armenia. “In addition, the program features language and history courses, courses that help introduce the young Diaspora Armenians to Armenian culture, as well as cognitive visits,” the Minister said and added that the Ministry is preparing to hold the courses and conduct the visits in full.

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