Kuwaiti-Armenian Melik Carlo enjoyed his victory in Armenia

Melik Carlo Meliksetian is an 8th grade student of the Armenian National School of Kuwait.

When one of his teachers told him that the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia was organizing the Pan-Armenian Awards “For notable contributions to the preservation of the Armenian identity”, he got very excited and decided that he would definitely participate.

As the results of the competition were summed up on 21 April, it was announced that Melik Carlo had received the 1st degree award in the “Free Artsakh” and “May: A Month of Victories” categories of the competition for children’s works.

“In one painting, I portrayed images that embody the images symbolizing Armenia, including Mount Ararat, the tricolor Armenian national flag, the Tsitsernakaberd Armenian Genocide Memorial Complex and the “We and Our Mountains” monument,” Melik Carlo said in an interview with Hayern Aysor, stressing the fact that the horrible scenes of the Armenian Genocide would flash in front of his eyes while he was painting. However, he was in peace and felt proud, remembering that the Armenian nation was reborn and shaped a free and independent Armenia after all the trials and tribulations.

At the end of the interview, Melik Carlo expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Diaspora for being able to visit Armenia again and having the opportunity to enjoy his victory on the native land.

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