Let us cherish our Republic of Armenia, guided by hope, faith and patriotism

In 1918, the crucial and heroic battles that the Armenian people led for life or death in Sardarapat, Bash-Aparan and Gharakilisa laid the foundation for the First Republic of Armenia. After many centuries, the Armenians had a state and statehood once again. On June 4, 1918, the Turks and Armenians signed a treaty of reconciliation according to which certain parts of Yerevan, Etchmiadzin, Alexandropol, Daralagyaz, Ghazakh and the colonies of Borchalu and the New Bayazet colony would be within the composition of Armenia. According to that treaty, the newly independent Armenia was being established in an 11,000 square kilometer territory. The first parliament was established based on the Armenian National Council. On August 1, 1918, the solemn opening of the Parliament of Armenia was held in the hall of the city club of Yerevan, and the Armenian tricolor flag was raised on the frontal of the building. Avetik Sahakyan (Father Abraham) was elected President of the Chairmanship of the Parliament, and Hovhannes Kajaznuni was appointed President of the National Government.
On May 28, 1918, the Armenian National Council announced about the establishment of the independent Republic of Armenia. May 28th was enshrined as First Republic Day. Unfortunately, the Republic remained for only two years, but it laid the foundation for the next independent republic to be established following the collapse of the USSR in 1991.

…The month of May had to be a month of heroism for Armenians. New national and ideological figures and heroes would have to be born. After many centuries, Armenians would have to suffer from pain again. There would be more attempts to blockade the Armenia and Karabakh shaping their freedom and independence, but the power of unity and the spirit of an Armenian (more powerful than weapon) would help them achieve victory. Throughout history, with the victory in the heroic Battle of Avarayr, in WWII and with the participation of Armenian divisions, heroes and generals and with great potential, the Armenian people affirmed that the collective force of an Armenian is invincible and that nations wishing for freedom and independence can’t even be annihilated by the bloodthirsty enemy…And the Armenians lived, created, shaped their independence and achieved new victories, in spite of the enemies.

Congratulating all Armenians on the occasion of May 28th, let us cherish our Republic of Armenia, guided by unity, maintenance of the homeland, as well as with hope and faith.

Karine Avagyan

Hayern Aysor

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