Argentine journalist joins “What are YOU doing for Karabakh?” pan-Armenian movement of RA Ministry of Diaspora, says movement is a wonderful initiative

The “What are YOU doing for Karabakh?” pan-Armenian movement of the RA Ministry of Diaspora is already becoming popular among foreigners. According to Hayern Aysor, popular Argentine journalist, international commentator, professor, writer and lecturer Mariano Saravia has also joined the movement. Besides taking a photo with a sign reading the question, Saravia has also expressed his position on the movement with the following words of encouragement: “I think the RA Ministry of Diaspora has undertaken a wonderful initiative by launching the “What are YOU doing for Karabakh?” pan-Armenian movement. When I found out about the movement, I immediately decided to make my contribution to spread the word and make this movement popular.

As I said in one of my interviews with Hayern Aysor a couple of months ago, I am always ready to support Armenia and the Armenian people in all regards.

The implementation of this idea can serve as a major impetus for drawing foreign journalists’ attention once again to the Artsakh issue.

As for Diaspora Armenians and Armenians in general, supporting Artsakh is, to a certain extent, something like a duty. They need to think about the paths they can take to contribute to Armenia’s advancement.

What are those paths? They definitely need to visit Artsakh, be in Stepanakert, Hadrut, Martuni, Shushi and the other beautiful places to visit. They also need to make investments in Artsakh in order to strengthen the economy.

I am certain that every Armenian will travel to Artsakh when visiting Armenia. This means that they are consistent with this.

Dear Diaspora Armenians, go to Artsakh and be present so that you can contribute to Artsakh’s reinforcement and the peaceful settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and stress how much you respect the people of Artsakh! Hug the people with such love and warmth so that they feel that they are not alone and that Diaspora Armenians are standing by their side!
I hope to visit Artsakh again someday. I visited ten years ago and am still charmed by and impressed with Nagorno-Karabakh, particularly Stepanakert and Gandzasar. I will never forget the magnificent nature of Artsakh, the kind and hospitable people and the Armenian-populated territories. Let us remember that Artsakh has been and will always be an Armenian territory.”

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