The Armenian Ministry of Diaspora Distinguished Argentine-Armenians Community Leaders

The Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia, through the Embassy of Armenia in Argentina, distinguished on Thursday September 1st the community leaders who participated in the organizing committee of the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Centennial tested a way of working together that we all considered as an experience to institutionalize the cooperation between different organizations, creating a space with basic consensus on our commitment to our identity, common values and objectives and its place in our public life as citizens,” said Khatchik DerGhougassian, one of the distinguished that worked as the link between the Argentine-Armenian community and the Armenian Genocide Centennial State Committee.

“The Centennial also marked the beginning of the stage of the struggle for the reparations of the Genocide. In Argentina and South America we surely have our contribution, however, we are now barely debating beyond rhetoric while in other communities the process is already underway,” added DerGhougassian. “We can not forget the Turkish denialist policy being carried out by the embassies of Turkey and Azerbaijan with their local mercenaries among politicians, journalists and academics. Today the Republic of Armenia faces a delicate situation, but the constitutional changes come with the goal of expanding democracy and inclusion. I think the Diaspora and our community must seek to guarantee that this process assures a more representative participation of communities, something which, undoubtedly, will promote even closer ties between Armenia and the rest of the world, and in this case, of course, Argentina.”

Archbishop Kissag Mouradian Primate of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Archimandrite Maghakia Amiryan of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Bishop Vartan Boghossian of the Armenian Catholic Church and Pastor Enoch Elmassianof the Armenian Evangelical Church were the distinguished religious figures. The leaders of the institutions of the Armenian community in Argentina who received diplomas were Khatchik DerGhougassian, Adolfo Smirlian, Adrian Lomlomdjian, Alberto Djeredjian (deceased), Arpine Karamanukian, Diana Dergarabetian, Hampartsum Haladjian, Horacio Terzian, Hugo Kuyumdjian, Jorge Murekian, Jorge Tossounian, Miguel Mher Harutunian, Nelida Boulgourdjian, Nichan Ishkhanian, Onnik Bogiatzian, Ruben Mozian, Samo Sarkissian, Sergio Nahabetian and Varty Manoukian. The Consul of the Embassy of Armenia Ester Mkrtumyan and Archimandrite Maghakia Amiryan were responsible for presenting the awards in the Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral of Buenos Aires.

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