RA Minister of Diaspora reminds about the Armenian Genocide in Geneva, someone in audience responds to reminder

The Conference of Ministers of Diaspora being held on the sidelines of the “International Dialogue over Migration” organized by the International Organization for Migration continues in Geneva. Among the participants of the special event are representatives of more than 60 countries, including RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan.

In his opening remarks, UN Director General, Ambassador William Lacy Swing greeted the participants and attached importance to the convention of the first conference, the exchange of experiences between the countries with Diasporas, as well as the establishment of dialogue and the development of relations.

The discussions were held in three areas, including “Diasporas and Societies”, “Diasporas and States” and “Diasporas and Development”.

In her speech during the discussion on “Diasporas and States”, the RA Minister of Diaspora presented the main reasons for the emergence of Diasporas (wars, social and economic crises, movement of populations for work, the globalizing world, etc.) and touched upon the major reason for the emergence of the Armenian Diaspora, that is, the Armenian Genocide.

In her speech, Hranush Hakobyan attached special importance to Armenia’s policy on the development of State-Diaspora relations, the mechanisms for implementing that policy and introduced the programs that are developed and implemented by the RA Ministry of Diaspora. Touching upon the tremendous potential of Armenians around the world and the impact of that potential on the public, political, economic and cultural life in the receiving countries and the countries of origin, the minister welcomed the discussions on issues related to Diasporas at the international level and voiced hope that the discussions would be held regularly, would help find general solutions, would formulate the rights and obligations of Diasporas in the relations above the state, interstate relations, relations within the country and Homeland-Diaspora relations, as well as in the UN’s relevant documents and mechanisms. Hranush Hakobyan called on the international community to contribute to the integration of Diasporas in the respective societies through cultural dialogue, taking into consideration the differences between nations and religions, as well as the customs and traditions. The minister’s proposal to create a UN task force for Diaspora affairs sparked great interest among the participants, and the latter also proposed to develop a draft with the hope of submitting it to the UN in the future.

Right after the minister’s speech, the Turkish delegates participating in the Conference made an attempt to respond to the minister by touching upon the need for studying the history of the Armenian Genocide and reminding the Protocols signed in 2009. On behalf of the Armenian delegation, Hranush Hakobyan opposed the Turkish delegates and mentioned that she was pleased with the fact that there was someone in the audience who responded to the reminder of the Armenian Genocide. Hranush Hakobyan stressed once again that the Armenian Diaspora was formed as a consequence of the Armenian Genocide perpetrated by Turkey and that she believed that Turkey’s delegate had no doubt that there will come a day when the Armenian Genocide will eventually be recognized.


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