2,3 billion dram investment project to re-commission Kapan Airport with int’l standards in Armenia

The currently defunct airport of the town of Kapan (Syunik Province) will be re-opened as a result of an investment project.

The reconstruction will bring the airport in conformity to international standards, Gor Tadevosyan, adviser to the Governor of Syunik province said during the My Step for Syunik Province business forum.

“During Soviet times, the Kapan Airport served 10-12 flights a day, and up to 16 flights during special days. In 2017 the Syunik Development and Investment Foundation established the Syunik Airport LLC. A concession agreement was signed in September of 2017 between Kapan and the company, which provisioned to re-commission the airport. As a result we will have an international standard airport, and new flight-technical systems will be installed,” he said.

800 million drams from the 2,3 billion dram worth investment project has already been invested.

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