“Armenia is home to talented people: our task is to make them believe and triumph” – PM attends My Step for Syunik Marz Investment Projects conference

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan partook in the My Step for Syunik Marz Investment Projects conference and the EXPO exhibition of local products, attended by representatives of small, medium and large businesses, investors, foreign businessmen, representatives of financial institutions and others.

Welcoming the conference participants, Nikol Pashinyan noted: “Honorable Syunik Marz Governor, dear government members, esteemed National Assembly Members, governors, diplomatic corps representatives, journalists, guests,

In fact, on my way to Syunik Marz, I was thinking about my speech because I had several ways to take, but you predetermined by talking about crazy ideas.

What is happening in the Republic of Armenia is a just the reflection of the ongoing crucial standoff between madness and realism. Our political task is to make the Republic of Armenia a country of such people who believe in their power, who know that even the most fantastic ideas can be materialized in the Republic of Armenia. All this is not just a statement because what happened in Armenia and what is going on is actually the embodiment of this idea.

Armenia’s economic development should be based on individual efforts; no matter what kind of effort it is, because the idea is our primary asset.

Tatever, which is one of the most picturesque sights in Armenia, was the idea conceived by a group of individuals. And our greatest challenge is to give as many people as possible the opportunity to create, think, dream, and implement their innovative ideas.

These regional forums serve that very purpose. They allow us to send this message to residents of provinces because economic development first of all needs to be supported by individuals. Indeed, the involvement of major investors is very important, but to my mind they follow the path talented people.

Our task is to show that there are talented people in Armenia capable of creating a friendly environment for everyone’s dreams.

Welcoming the forum, I wish all of us every success in fulfilling this important mission. Armenia is home to talented people: our task is to make them believe and triumph.”

The purpose of the forum is to promote Armenian and foreign business circles’ involvement in Syunik’s economic and community development projects. It seeks to boost the investment environment through mutually beneficial business contacts.

Syunik’s investment attractiveness and economic potential, including some 20 successful investment projects, shall be presented during the conference. An exhibition of local products has been launched on the sidelines of the forum.

Prime Minister Pashinyan will visit the exhibition to get acquainted with the local production of the region.

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