The activities of the “Neruzh” program participants in Armenia are continuing

Participants who have moved to Armenia after the “Neruzh” youth startup program of the Ministry of Diaspora continue their activity with various initiatives. The “Hayern Aysor” electronic newspaper of the RA Ministry of Diaspora, follows the activities of young startupers and intends to regularly present to the public their work results.

Here’s what Anthony Ari Avedissian, the co-founder of Anteo Health,  and Chris Arman Kiloyan, the co-founder of illuria security, winners of the Neruzh-2018 told us.

They have implemented the “Armenia Tech Trip 2019” program with their friend, Lilit Dallakyan (SmartGateVC).

 The goal of the program is to:

  • Internationally share the incredible progress being made in Armenia from an economic, social and technological standpoint
  • Act as the bridge between talented international students & graduates and Armenia’s thriving tech-sector

«Armenia Tech Trip 2019» is a one week trip to Armenia for 15 international students/graduates. During the trip, the participants will have a chance to visit local tech companies, research labs, cultural sights and will enjoy Yerevan nightlife. Applications opened on April 15 through the website, and remain open to register for the waiting list. $499 trip covers everything – including meals, accommodation, airport transfer, transport, excursions, company visits, and nights-out!

During the trip, the participants will visit companies like Hero House, SmartGateVC, Gate42, illuria security, Embry Tech, TUMO, Disqo,  2Hz, gg Taxi, XCloud Network, Synergy, WebFountain, Synopsys, Arloopa, ISTC, YerevaNN and more.

The partners of the trip are AGBU, Hero House, Creatr, Idea Foundation, ARMACAD, Birthright Armenia and other organizations.

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