Number of tourist visits to Armenia increases by 8.8% during 2018

The number of tourists who visited Armenia in the first nine months of 2018 comprised 1 million 275 thousand, which is an increase of 8.8% compared to the figure of the same period of 2017, Mekhak Apresyan – chairman of the Armenian Tourism Federation, told reporters today, reports Armenpress.

“In the first nine months of this year the number of incoming tourist visits to Armenia comprised 1 million 275 thousand. This is an increase by 8.8% compared to the figure of last year. I hope the annual growth figure will be nearly 10%. However, we will see the results of increase of Armenia’s recognition after the revolution next year. It [the revolution] could not have a major effect for this year”, Apresyan said.

He noted that the growth rate of the visits is not so great. He explained that although the tourists saw that the country was safe during April-June, but maybe something prevented them to visit the country. Apresyan added that most of the tourists were also waiting for the results of the parliamentary elections to see what will happen.

The visits mainly from Russia and a number of European countries contributed to the increase of tourist visits. There has been a great tourist flow from China and India, the increase is almost double from these countries. “This year there has been a decline in tourist flow from Iran, and this is linked with the economic situation in that country. And the decline of visits from Iran also effected the decline of the growth rate of this year”, he said.

The number of US tourists visiting Armenia also increased this year by 20%.

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