Paul Haytostian: “The year 2017 was a prolific year for Haigazian University of Beirut”

“During my four-day visit to Armenia, I was busy attending various events and meeting with state officials. First, I participated in the session of the Public Council adjunct to the Minister of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia. What was also important was my participation in the presentation of the 37th volume of the Haigazian Armenological Review organized by the RA Ministry of Diaspora and Haigazian University of Beirut on December 13,” Chairman of the Central Body of the Union of Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Middle East, President of Haigazian University Paul Haytostian told Hayern Aysor, adding that the session featured not only a discussion on issues, but also a summary of the results of the 6th Armenia-Diaspora Pan-Armenian Conference which he had participated in.

Touching upon the presentation, Paul Haytostian expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Diaspora for gathering so many intellectuals under one roof and said he was very impressed with the views and opinions of the attendees about the work that had been done. Those intellectuals showed once again that Haigazian Armenological Review serves as a bridge for preservation of the Armenian identity and the cooperation between Armenia and the Diaspora.

In his speech, Paul Haytostian emphasized the fact that this volume mainly features articles devoted to identity issues and includes articles devoted to Armenian literature, history, language and genocide studies.

“We can’t define the field of Armenology in several parts. We know very well that in spite of the challenges, Armenology is multilayered, and there are many pressing issues that need to be explored. There are many people in Armenia who are interested in the Haigazian Armenological Review and want their works published in the Review. The readers of the Review already know that the Armenia-Diaspora partnership is a reality,” our interlocutor said.

Summing up the activities carried out throughout the year, the President of Haigazian University stated that the 63th academic year of the University was effective and prolific and considers the application of inclusive education one of the major achievements. For this, the University is taking active steps and will be hosting a conference. Haytostian will also meet with the Minister of Education of Lebanon to discuss the matter.

What was also significant this year was the training course organized by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the Section for Armenian Studies and Haigazian University for 125 teachers of Armenian schools of Lebanon.

In January, four professors of Haigazian University will give lectures for 70 teachers of the Arab-Christian School in Amman for one week, and Paul Haytostian will sum up the works.

“My greatest wish to the Armenian people ahead of the New Year and the Nativity is that they never forget that we Armenians are a nation endowed with God-given talents, that we have a rich history and culture and a brave spirit and that we must not only preserve all this, but also never lose hope and move forward to help strengthen the Armenia-Artsakh-Diaspora triumvirate,” Paul Haytostian said in closing.

Gevorg Chichyan

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