The Evening dedicated to the Armenian anniversaries 2017

A cultural evening dedicated to anniversaries and significant events in the Armenian world of 2017 was held on November 25 in Saint-Petersburg in A. S. Griboedov Library of national literatures.

In the beginning of the event, the chairman of the Regional public organization «The Armenians of St. Petersburg» Alexander Nazarov presented the attention the report about the Armenian Catholic monk institute of the mkhitarists.

Philologist Yury Grigoryan spoke about the scientific journey of his father literary Kamsar Nersesovich Grigoryan on the island of St. Lazarus.

This year marks 300 years of the establishment of the mkhitarists congregation on the island of St. Lazarus.

Then, the presenter introduced to the audience the historical background about the first Russian diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church. In 2017, the year marks 300 years of the founding of the diocese in Astrakhan.

Next, was a review of significant events of the year, anniversaries of outstanding personalities science, art, sports, military and government officials.

Nadezhda Dobryanskaya, director of the library of national literatures shared her memories about actor Artashes Araratyan.

Public figure George Gabrielyan expressed an opinion on the current situation of Armenia and Artsakh.

In the end, in honor of the anniversary The Board of the Regional Public Organization «The Armenians of St. Petersburg» awarded philologist Konstantin Khurshudian a certificate of appreciation for active participation in public life of the Armenians the city of Leningrad – St. Petersburg.

The event was organized by the Regional public organization «The Armenians of St. Petersburg» in partnership with the Library of national literatures A. S. Griboedov.

The Herald of Armenians in Petersburg (Vestnik Armyan Peterburga)

Photo by Lilith O’riordan


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