Literary event dedicated to Yeghishe Charents’ birth anniversary held in Austria

On November 25, Armenia Cultural Center of the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Austria hosted a literary event dedicated to the 120th birth anniversary of great Armenian poet and “Ararat of the Spirit of the Armenians” Yeghishe Charents. The event was organized by the board of the Armenian Apostolic Church Community of Austria, in partnership with the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia.

As reported the board of the Armenian Apostolic Church Community of Austria to Hayern Aysor, the spiritual and mundane representatives of the Armenian community of Austria paid tribute to Yeghishe Charents, who put his life and freedom at risk to write over 50,000 poems devoted to the Armenian language and nation. During the beautiful event, RA Ambassador to Austria Arman Kirakossian transmitted the Medal of Gratitude (granted by the decree of the President of the Republic of Armenia on 7 September 2017) to Herbert Maurer, who is an Austrian writer, publicist, translator and a friend of the Armenian nation who has many works devoted to Armenia and the Armenian language.

Afterwards, throughout the event, the Austrian and Armenian attendees enjoyed listening to excerpts from the works and poems of the great Armenian poet. They were also introduced to interesting episodes of Charents’ life and listened to short stories about his character.

We fully hope such major educational and cultural events, which are aimed at preserving the Armenian identity, paying homage to great Armenians and transmitting information about them to the generations, are also held in other Austrian cities in order to charm the Armenians of Austria and warm their hearts with Armenian literature and the arts.

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