I really enjoyed being a student of a7 week program in Yerevan: Syrian Armenian Pediatrician

Medicine is a profession with a lifetime learning process.

For as soon as you enter the medical school, you are stuck! And you never really graduate.Though you get the diploma but you remain a student your entire life, struggling to catch up the vastchanging medical world, upgrading and updating yourselfon daily basis, bearing the responsibility for human beings’ lives who after God, trust in you!

Once you have taken the Hippocratic Oath you don’t want to break it.

Lately I had the chance to update and refresh my medical knowledge by participating in a 7 week long free of charge program organized by Yerevan State Medical University’s department of family medicine, prepared for pediatricians and family doctors. And it included not only up to date medical information, but learning new skills as well.

I must admit it was beyond my expectations. It was an amazing program, with brilliant lecturers and excellent lectures. I highly value their effort and thank them for such a high quality professional opportunity.

I really enjoyed being a student again.



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