15,000 Syrian-­Armenians in Lebanon due to Syria war

Vera Yakubyan of the Armenian National Committee of the Middle East has said 15,000 Armenians are currently in Lebanon after being forced to relocate due to the Syrian War.

“Lebanon is closest to the Syrian border and understandably, there is a big flow from Syria towards Lebanon. The flow of Syrian-Armenians to Lebanon has especially increased during the past 2-3 years, when the situation deteriorated in Aleppo”, Vera Yakubyan said in recent comments to Armenpress.

 From the very first days of the war, the Armenian community of Lebanon stood by the side of the Syrian Armenians. Vera Yakubyan said the Lebanese-Armenian community is helping Syrian-Armenians in every possible way. “Don’t forget that there are economic difficulties in Lebanon, however, in any case, the Armenian community stands side by side with the Syrian Armenians. The assistance is both material and moral”, Yakubyan said.

According to her, the majority of the Syrian-Armenians in Lebanon have e way or another settled in the country. The community finds apartments at affordable rent prices through connections. Children study almost for free and benefit from healthcare programs.

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