Soldiers and freedom fighters to attend Kantegh Adult Folk Choir’s concert

Hayern Aysor had previously reported that Kantegh Adult Folk Choir of Los Angeles would be giving a concert dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Armenia and to Armenian soldiers at Aram Khachaturian Grand Concert Hall on May 18.

Ahead of the concert, Hayern Aysor’s correspondent sat down for an interview with the choir’s artistic director Gevorg Chakmanyan.

“The concert was initially going to have a totally different theme, but after the events that took place in April, we decided to dedicate the concert to our glorious Armenian soldiers. We consider dedicating the concert to them the duty of our soul and conscience. Soldiers and freedom fighters will definitely be in the audience. It is thanks to them that we are still alive and on our feet today,” Gevorg Chakmanyan said and added that the concert would also include a performance by the Vernatun Choir of foreign students of Yerevan State Medical University under the direction of Asatur Chakmanyan.

Gevorg Chakmanyan informed that the members of the choir had really wanted to organize the concert and had generously come to the Mother Homeland to support Artsakh and Armenian soldiers.

Talking about the unity of the Armenian community of Los Angeles around Arstakh, the choirmaster said the following: “During the days in April, all the Armenians of Los Angeles united as one to express their concerns about the events taking place. All the Armenians of Los Angeles were living for Artsakh every second. We felt indescribable pride and got emotional as we saw our soldiers’ self-dedicated struggle and endeavors. The community also organized various events. It organized marches to the Consulate of Azerbaijan, raised funds, and all that was for only one idea and in support of Artsakh and the Armenian people. Through my Kantegh cultural television program, I made a statement condemning Azerbaijan’s attacks and dedicated the program to Armenian soldiers.”

Let us add that after the concert in Yerevan, according to tradition, Kantegh Adult Folk Choir will also give a concert in Tavush Province. The choir will also give concerts at the cultural center in Movses village and at the military positions.

Gevorg Chichyan

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