Canadian-Armenian businessman: “Every Armenian needs to support his or her compatriots”

Jack Kachkarian is one of the wealthiest Armenians of Canada. He is quite a successful businessman, the owner of Inyx Pharmacy and one of the great fans of France’s Marseille football team.

Jack Kachkarian was born on February 19, 1963 in Damascus. He is originally from Western Armenia. His ancestors migrated from Western Armenia during the years of the Armenian Genocide, took shelter in Beirut and then moved to Damascus. In 1981, young Jack graduated from the medical college of Damascus with honors and left for Budapest to continue his studies at the local medical university. It was there where he met the local Armenians, became engaged in their activities and became an active member of the Armenian community.

“As soon as I arrived in Hungary, I became friends with the local Armenians and started helping them organize community events and hold cultural events. Today, my friends are among the serious and prestigious intellectuals of the Armenian community of Hungary.”

In the third year of his studies, he meets his future wife, Victoria Benkovich, who was an American of Jewish descent and was also studying at the same university. The couple gets married in Damascus according to Armenian traditions. “Yes, my wife is a Jew, but I told her right from the start that our wedding was going to be held in Damascus according to Armenian traditions, and she agreed. I taught her Armenian for two years so that I could make my parents happy as well. For me, my wife is the example of the woman I have dreamed of seeing by my side. She is a good, kind and dedicated person. At first, her parents were against our matrimony, but Victoria had time to examine Armenian national values, traditions, cuisine and even the language.”

After the wedding, the couple returns to Budapest where Jack works at a clinic for a year. One of the major facts is the fundraiser that was launched for the victims of the devastating earthquake that took place in Spitak in 1988. The Kachkarian family actively participated in the fundraiser and made a notable contribution to help overcome the consequences of the earthquake.

In the 1990s, Jack and his family move to New York and create a small pharmacy network that becomes very profitable. Five years later, Jack becomes a successful businessman in the USA, founds his own pharmacy, purchases the stocks of Karver Holdings and Inyx Inc and continues to grow as a businessman.

Jack gains big profits, but never forgets his national affiliation and wishes to extend a helping hand to his people. Armenian churches, hospitals, as well as cultural centers and an Armenian Sunday school have been built through his contributions and with the help of Armenian funds and foundations based in the USA, Canada and Great Britain.

“I believe every Armenian needs to support his or her compatriot to the best of his or her ability,” Jack said in one of his interviews.

In 2004, he moved to Canada where his business continues to grow.

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