Eastern Armenian and Russian language courses for Syrian-Armenians

On November 4, RA Minister of Diaspora

Solemn opening ceremony of Free Eastern Armenian and Russian Language Courses for Syrian-Armenians Program to be held

On November 4 at 12:00, RA Minister

Interdepartmental commission on coordination of Syrian-Armenians’ issues holds subsequent session

On November 1, the interdepartmental commission on

Awards for best works of fine arts and exhibition-sale of new paintings by Armenian painters for construction of “New Aleppo” district to be held

On October 9 at 17:00, RA Minister


The social problems facing Syrian-Armenians and the

Missile attack on Damascus kills Hovik Kardatsoghian

Missile attacks took place in the peaceful

Inter-departmental commission coordinating the key issues of Syrian-Armenians holds subsequent session

RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan moderated

RA Ministry of Diaspora and international organizations sign Memorandum of Mutual Understanding

On July 4th, the RA Ministry of

Social assistance to Syrian-Armenian families continues

By the assignment of Mayor of Yerevan

Chairman Smith Asks Obama Administration for Report on Aid to Syrian Armenians

 Republican and Democratic members of a key

Syrian-Armenian Relief Fund transfers 500,000 dollars

Established in the United States last year,

Sniper’s gunshot injures three Armenians in New Village district of Aleppo

A sniper’s gunshot injured three Armenians in

No information about wounded or killed Armenians available after bombings in Aleppo

From the early morning heated clashes have been

Marni Injeian: “I thought I would adapt more quickly, but I still need time”

Syrian-Armenian Marni Injeian, 15, studies in the
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